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Tondo Music

Tondo Brush - Kaya

Tondo Brush - Kaya

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The Tondo Brush is the culmination of 4 years considering a way to express my gratitude to my records. The new of an Idea, the aliveness of a vision which was in my eyes since I remember. The transformative passion for music started with my Grandfather, passed on to my Father and it became a must in my life.
Past, present, and future are blended in a classic design of the ’70s, the years I began collecting which eventually grew to include a numerous collection. 150 year old Walnut from a Swiss Chalet and antique Mahogany was chosen to represent the foundation and core that my collection gave me through the years.
Finally, the finest and purest silk velvet was selected, hand stitched to gently caress and pamper them. The feminine contrast, the singing voice the persuasive MUST. 100% Swiss Made and Hand Crafted; it takes two full days to complete each and one of them, by expert hands with a longtime tradition and care. Specially developed hardware was created to insert smoothly the different cartridges.
If you have a collection you love and want to give thanks to, you may want to consider a Tondo Brush. Conceived and designed to last a lifetime, she is our friend that provides endless love back to those who have been with you all these years. 

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